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Another Busy Week!


It was a busy week at Kidsplace! A few highlights:

  • Thank you to everyone who came to the Annual General Meeting on Monday. Your attendance and participation was appreciated. Approved minutes from all board meetings can be found in the classroom.
  • Mom’s Pantry products arrived, and we raised close to $850! Thank you everyone! Our next fundraiser will be in the New Year.
  • We had a fun-filled field trip to the Henderson library! We hope everyone had a great time!


We would like to remind everyone who is picking up or dropping off a student to please take off their boots/shoes at the top of the stairs to help avoid slips/falls, and to keep the school clean.


Our Christmas concerts/parties will be held in our classroom on the last days of classes before the winter break (Dec 18 & 19th). We will provide you with more details soon!


Our theme next week will be opposites!

Featured Friday

Off to the Farm! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

(image courtesy of catchword)
(image courtesy of catchword)

Yep, I think I’d look like that too, if I knew dozens of small children were about to descend on my nice, quiet farm!

It’s our final week of school (May 26 – 29), and the kids are pumped about heading out to Deer Meadows Farm (and riding the school bus, of course!) and their end-of-the-year celebration!

{In the meantime, don’t forgetGlenlea Plant Pick Up is May 24, 10 a.m. until 12 noon by the Kidsplace doors! If you can help sort, please come at 9 a.m. Plants will not be released until everything is sorted! Please bring your own boxes or trays to transport plants.}

Read On For More End-Of-The-Year Fun!

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Egg-cellent Fun Ahead! {Kidsplace Update}

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Yeah, you’re groaning at that post title, aren’t you? That’s what happens when I’m tired. It’s the week after Spring Break, after all…you know, the week when parents need a vacation! Thankfully there’s lots coming up to keep our little ones busy, starting with some Easter fun this week (April 14 – 18) and moving on the Community Workers (and the fire hall field trip!) next week!

Easter fun and firehall excitement ahead…Read on!

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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling… {Kidsplace Featured Friday}


It’s time for our second field trip of the year, our visit to Rossmere Bowling Lanes for a game of Five-Pin Bowling! (Yes, I realize the girl in the photo has a Ten-Pin ball…but it was too cute to pass up!) Read on for all the details, as well as other info about March Madness Week and, of course, fundraising!

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Friends and Feelings! {Kidsplace Update}


{Everybody now….awwwwww!} You might have guessed it…this week (Feb. 18-21) at Kidsplace we’re continuing our unit on Friends and Feelings!

We also have a lot of great activities coming up including our very first field trip to Henderson Library and our Spring Open House! Read on for all the details, including early registration for returning students!

Click here for more Kidsplace news!

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School’s Out! Almost… {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

It’s time to celebrate! We’ve reached the end of another wonderful year at Kidsplace Nursery School. Thank you so much to each and every one of you … and to our dedicated teachers … for making this a year to remember!

Our final week (May 27 – 30) will feature our field trip to Boonstra Farms and a very cute end-of-the-year ceremony that you won’t want to miss. Just hit that “Click to Read More!” button below for more information … and for a few links for some extra summer fun!

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Summer Fun! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}


Warm weather is here at last, and we’re celebrating this coming week (May 21 – 24) at Kidsplace with our Summer Fun theme!

With only two weeks left until the end of school, be sure to click on the “Read More!” link below for some important information about plant pickups, the farm field trip and year end celebrations!

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Celebrate Mom! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}


Yeah, don’t we all feel like this some days?! This parent thing is hard work. This week (May 6 – 10) the Kidsplace kids will be learning all about moms, just in time for Mother’s Day (so get ready to ohh and ahh over some special creations that are sure to find their way to you soon!)

Click through the “Read More!” link below for a fun video capturing everything a mom does in a day … and for some important reminders about upcoming field trips and the long-awaited pick up day for our Glenlea Greenhouses plants!

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Workin’ Hard {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

It’s an exciting place to be at Kidsplace this week (April 22-26) as we learn all about COMMUNITY WORKERS.

Our fire station field trip  (to the station at McIvor and Rothesay) takes place this week! The Tuesday/Thursday afternoon class will make its visit April 25  while the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class will visit on April 26. Please be sure to return your permission slips promptly. These are short trips, and because the fire trucks could be called out on alarm at any given time, parents need to stay with their children or remain close by.

Check out this Fire Safety Thematic Unit Pinterest board from…some great book recommendations as well as lots of crafts for kids, colouring pages, stories, poetry, worksheets, word jumbles, and word search puzzles!

file4601256720423Also keep in mind that our annual field trip to Boonstra Farms is coming up soon! These trips will take place on Monday, May 27 for the M/W/F class and Tuesday, May 28 for the T/TH class (a.m. and p.m. classes combined). This is an extended day for our classes as the tour runs from about 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. We will be looking into arranging a school bus to transport us to and from the farm. A parent or guardian must attend this field trip with each child. Please think ahead to make arrangements for any other little ones you have at home as we cannot accommodate siblings on this trip.

Have a great week!