Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School, Nursery School Open House

Spread the Word! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}


Help us spread the word! It’s the annual Spring Open House at Kidsplace Nursery School, the ideal time to introduce your friends and family to one of the best kept secrets in North Kildonan! Well, okay, it’s not REALLY a secret…but we DO need your help! Please take a minute to read through the rest of this post and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you hang out online! Fall registrations will open to the public on Monday!

(On another note…don’t forget that today’s the day to pick up your Winnipeg Old Country Sausage fundraising orders! More info below!

Read On For More About Our Open House and Other Bits and Pieces!

Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

Friends and Feelings! {Kidsplace Update}


{Everybody now….awwwwww!} You might have guessed it…this week (Feb. 18-21) at Kidsplace we’re continuing our unit on Friends and Feelings!

We also have a lot of great activities coming up including our very first field trip to Henderson Library and our Spring Open House! Read on for all the details, including early registration for returning students!

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Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School, Nursery School Open House

All About ABCs (and 123s!) {Kidsplace Update}


{Apologies for the lateness of this post…technical difficulties!}

It’s always exciting when a little one masters spelling his or her name for the first time, or can accurately display the right numbers of fingers for how old they are! This week (February 3 – 7) we’re talking ABCs and 123s at Kidsplace! Read on for some important information and to find a few great links…including an online version of the perennial ABC favourite Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Read on for more ABCs and 123s!