Fundraising is an essential component of our school’s fiscal budget. Tuition fees and government funding are used to support the daily operations of the school but they do not replace worn toys, books or equipment.


We graciously accept any donations. If you are cleaning out your toys, please keep Kidsplace Nursery School in mind! Kidsplace is a registered charity and can provide tax receipts for donations over $20.

Some of our previous and ongoing fundraisers…

Mabel’s Labels

Kidsplace Nursery School has an ongoing fundraiser with Mabel’s Labels where 20% of all sales are donated to the school. To make an order visit Mabel’s Labels, and choose Kidsplace Nursery School!

Glenlea Greenhouse

Each year in May we partner with Glenlea Greenhouse to offer the families and friends of Kidsplace Nursery School beautiful flowers, fruit and vegetable plants for their yearly gardens!

Naleway Perogies

Just in time for Christmas! Kidsplace Nursery School partners with Naleway Catering to offer bags of perogies!