Parent Involvement

Research demonstrates that when schools create parent partnerships, student learning is better supported and higher student achievement is attained.

Parent volunteers are needed….


We ask that parents sign up for mini jobs throughout the year. Our mini jobs consist of making play dough (supplies and the recipe are provided for you) and doing an occasional load of laundry. These jobs take little time when spread amongst many people, but each job is necessary to the smooth functioning of the school. 

Volunteer on the Board

As a parent run co-op, Kidsplace Nursery School is required to have a board of directors. The Board of Directors determines general policies and programs for the school, while the teaching staff design and implement curriculum. The members of the board attend monthly meetings to ensure the smooth operation of the school. The following board positions exist. If you wish to get involved with the board, please speak with your teacher or email us via the contact page.

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Fundraising
  • Communications
  • Alumni
  • Scholastic

Attend Annual General Meeting

Kidsplace Nursery School has one Annual General Meeting each year in November. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Each meeting reviews the current year budget, fundraising, and major decisions on school by-laws are discussed and voted on. Without parent attendance a quorum cannot be attained and decisions cannot be voted on or approved which hampers school operations. Thus we encourage and welcome parent participation!

Kidsplace is amazing!! The staff are so very kind,and go above and beyond teaching and caring for your child. We were beyond happy with Kidsplace for our children.

MJ Berryman