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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling… {Kidsplace Featured Friday}


It’s time for our second field trip of the year, our visit to Rossmere Bowling Lanes for a game of Five-Pin Bowling! (Yes, I realize the girl in the photo has a Ten-Pin ball…but it was too cute to pass up!) Read on for all the details, as well as other info about March Madness Week and, of course, fundraising!

This week (March 24 – 28) it’s March Madness at Kidsplace. And I think we are all going a little mad as winter hangs on and on on! But some fun is to be had, so that should help! Here’s what’s coming up!

March 24: Hat Day for the M/W/F class.

March 25: Pajama Day for the T/TH classes.

March 26: Pajama Day for the M/W/F class.

March 27: Bowling for the T/TH classes (more details below!)

March 28: Bowling for the M/W/F class.


bowlingpinsLast week you received permission forms for bowling that included the dates and times for your particular class. We will meet and dismiss from the bowling alley; please ask your teacher if you need a reminder re. specific times.

The cost for bowling is $3.25/child. Please hand in your money prior to the trip. There will be shoes available for your child (and you!) at the bowling alley. If your child’s feet are too small for the shoes, please remember to bring slippers, or they will need to bowl in their sock feet. No regular shoes allowed!

You, or another designated adult, is required to stay with your child during this trip. Please let your teacher know who will be staying with your child, if you did not already indicate this on the permission form.


petuniasOur final fundraiser for the year has begun—flowers, veggies and other plants from Glenlea Greenhouses! A PDF of their 2014 catalogue and order form is on the Kidsplace website under the “Fundraisers” link at the top of the homepage. The paper catalogues have also been distributed. Important dates to remember: ORDERS DUE BY: APRIL 8; PICK UP: May 24.

Don’t forget about our fundraising incentives! There are some nifty prizes for our top sellers…check out the details on the fundraising section of the website.


Elf Scholastic SeptThe March Scholastic orders are due this coming Friday, March 28.

Kidsplace will be closed for Spring Break March 31 – April 4, and will re-open April 7.


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