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Egg-cellent Fun Ahead! {Kidsplace Update}

Yeah, you're groaning at that post title, aren't you? That's what happens when I'm tired. It's the week after Spring Break, after all...you know, the week when parents need a vacation! Thankfully there's lots coming up to keep our little ones busy, starting with some Easter fun this week (April 14 - 18) and moving… Continue reading Egg-cellent Fun Ahead! {Kidsplace Update}

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Springtime? Almost… {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

Mmmmm...don't those look yummy? Throw in a chocolate bunny and we're all set! You may have guessed it...this week (March 18-22) we're gearing up for our pre-Easter "Bunnies and Eggs" theme at Kidsplace! Quick Reminders: There will be Show and Tell this week. Be sure to check the calendar or with your teacher for your… Continue reading Springtime? Almost… {Kidsplace Featured Friday}