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Off to the Farm! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

(image courtesy of catchword)
(image courtesy of catchword)

Yep, I think I’d look like that too, if I knew dozens of small children were about to descend on my nice, quiet farm!

It’s our final week of school (May 26 – 29), and the kids are pumped about heading out to Deer Meadows Farm (and riding the school bus, of course!) and their end-of-the-year celebration!

{In the meantime, don’t forgetGlenlea Plant Pick Up is May 24, 10 a.m. until 12 noon by the Kidsplace doors! If you can help sort, please come at 9 a.m. Plants will not be released until everything is sorted! Please bring your own boxes or trays to transport plants.}

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Field Trips, Farms and Fundraising {Kidsplace Update}



Just a few quick updates from your friendly neighbourhood nursery school!

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