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Happy Holidays from Kidsplace!


Our little ones have been hard at work learning their Christmas songs, and this week they get to share them with us! Our Christmas concerts will take place at the end of this week! Please note the slightly different class times:

Tues/Thurs AM class ~ Thursday, Dec.18 at 10 am – 11 am (arrive 9:45 am)Tues/Thurs PM class ~ Thursday, Dec.18 at 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm (arrive 1 pm)Mon/Wed/Fri class ~ Friday, Dec.19 at 10 am – 11 am (arrive 9:45 am)

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your concert start time to allow us to take attendance and organize the children. Outdoor boots must left on the mat upstairs and indoor shoes worn as usual. The concerts will begin promptly, so it is important that all children are in the classroom early so they can get settled and ready to perform. You are welcome to invite guests to attend but please keep in mind that the concert is brief and space is very limited.

We expect that our concert and party will last about one hour from the beginning of our performance. Please help with some clean up before leaving to help us set up for the next class. .

Merry Christmas from the staff and Board of Directors! The school will be closed from Dec. 22 – Jan 2. Classes resume on January 5, 2015.

Kidsplace Nursery School

Fundraising Prizes!

We are happy to announce the winners of our fundraising prizes for the first part of the school year! Thank you to everyone for their amazing support to Kidsplace.

Emerson – Grand prize! Movie theatre gift card
Emily – Scholastic voucher

Mia – Scholastic voucher

T/TH PM                                                                                                                       Alexander – Scholastic voucher

Our next fundraiser will take place in the New Year. We will be selling Pizza Hotline coupons with 50% of proceeds going to Kidsplace. And to finish our fundraising initiatives, we have an amazing fundraiser lined up with Glenlea Greenhouse around March.

The classroom theme next week will be Polar Animals! Have a great weekend everyone. Keep warm!

Kidsplace Nursery School

Another Busy Week!


It was a busy week at Kidsplace! A few highlights:

  • Thank you to everyone who came to the Annual General Meeting on Monday. Your attendance and participation was appreciated. Approved minutes from all board meetings can be found in the classroom.
  • Mom’s Pantry products arrived, and we raised close to $850! Thank you everyone! Our next fundraiser will be in the New Year.
  • We had a fun-filled field trip to the Henderson library! We hope everyone had a great time!


We would like to remind everyone who is picking up or dropping off a student to please take off their boots/shoes at the top of the stairs to help avoid slips/falls, and to keep the school clean.


Our Christmas concerts/parties will be held in our classroom on the last days of classes before the winter break (Dec 18 & 19th). We will provide you with more details soon!


Our theme next week will be opposites!

Kidsplace Nursery School

Mom’s Pantry Reminder


Don’t forget! Mom’s Pantry orders are due this week! Orders must be in no later than October 28/29. Late orders cannot be accepted. Please ensure cheques are made out to Kidsplace Nursery School.

More order forms are available on the Mom’s Pantry website ( The delivery and pick up date will be announced soon!

And don’t forget about our fundraising incentives:

Classroom Prizes: The top fundraiser in each of our three classes per semester (Sept-Dec; Jan-May) will receive a gift from Scholastic Canada.

Overall Prize: The top overall fundraiser (all classes combined) in each semester (Sept-Dec; Jan-May) will receive a movie theatre gift card (admission for two).

Thank you and have a fun and safe Halloween!

Kidsplace Nursery School

Say Cheese! Picture Day is Coming! And more…


A friendly reminder that school pictures will be taken this week October 20 (M/W/F class) and October 21 (T/TH classes). More information about package options and purchasing will be sent home with your photo proofs.

Need some tips for a successful preschool picture day? Check out this great link

Get Ready to Party!

Our first school party is fast approaching! The T/TH class will have their Halloween party October 30, while the M/W/F classes will have theirs October 31.

Children are welcome to dress up in their costumes (no scary costumes or toy weapons such as knives, guns, swords, etc) that day. There are sign-up sheets inside the classroom if you would like to bring treats or help out with the party.

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Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

Giving Thanks (Kidsplace Featured Friday)

photo by Kelly Rempel

Golden Snow

“It’s snowing leaves!” I heard the comment today when the beautiful golden leaves were showering down around the kids and us. A perfect fall day, and just the type of weather to inspire some genuine feelings of thankfulness!

This week (October 1-5) our theme will be Thanksgiving. Our classes will be looking at what Thanksgiving means and the traditions that we have. And as part of our fall activities, please start collecting some of those gorgeous leaves…a fall craft will be coming up in a couple of weeks!

Don’t forget…the school will be closed for Thanksgiving Monday, October 8.

Volunteers Needed!

All parents should have signed up for mini-jobs by now, but if you haven’t, please check with Ms. Lori or Ms. Sherry to see what’s still needed. Some of the jobs include laundry, making playdoh and helping clean toys. Kidsplace is a co-op, and as such parents are needed to help fill these vital roles. If we don’t get enough volunteers, teachers will need to assign the jobs. (Really, it’s more fun to pick your own! :))

Bundle Up!

With the cooler weather upon us, please make sure that hats, gloves, etc. are labeled with your child’s name and placed in their jackets or bags. This will make going outside much easier.

Fundraiser Update

Our Peak of the Market fundraiser starts this week! Keep an eye out for information being handed out on Monday and Tuesday. Volunteers will be needed to help sort the vegetables when they arrive. More information coming soon!

What special activities does your family do to celebrate Thanksgiving? Leave your answer in the comment section below!

Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

All About Me! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}


This coming week (Sept. 17 – 21) Kidsplace students get to talk about themselves and their families, and make some really cool crafts to boot! If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to send a family picture to share with the class as well as to use in a craft. It should be 4 inches x 6 inches in size and can be either an actual photograph, photocopy or scanned copy that you do not need returned in its original state. Please label with your child’s name.


The September Scholastic Book Orders are due September 20! You may pay with cash (be sure to put in a sealed baggie or envelope, labelled clearly with your child’s name) or cheque (made out to Scholastic Canada…NOT Kidsplace!)

And a reminder…Scholastic is a book club, and not a fundraiser for the school. Items purchased through Scholastic does not count toward your fundraising.


A gentle reminder…please remember that when you are dropping off or picking up your child during the day, there are classes in session at Calvin Christian School. Please speak in low tones, and do not let young children run in the halls or go into any of the rooms. And, please do not bring food or beverages (particularly hot ones) into the school.

Teachers come out at the end of class to fill you in on the events of the day and share important information…please be sure to give them your full attention. Thanks so much…your cooperation is appreciated!


We are currently recruiting for two important board positions: vice president and secretary. The VP’s main duty is to keep track of our enrollment numbers and help with registration. The secretary takes notes at our monthly meetings and ensures they are distributed. Neither of these positions are time consuming…please consider if you could give one evening a month (on average) and support our board. (Psssst…added bonus! If you’re on the board, you don’t have to take on a mini-job like classroom laundry! (You have enough of your own, right?))

We also need classroom volunteers. Spend some time in class and see firsthand what kind of fun activities happen every day at Kidsplace!

Call 204-661-1325 for more information on any of these great opportunities!


We still have a few openings at Kidsplace! Consider telling your friends and family…fall registration closes at the end of October!

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Gear Up for Fundraising! (Kidsplace Nursery School)

You made it! The first week of school has come and gone, and we hope your little one had a fantastic time with their new teachers and friends.

Our September calendar and newsletter are now posted online for your convenience. Click HERE.

Please take special note that we’re still looking to fill two board positions, for secretary and member-at-large/alumni. These jobs don’t require a lot of time, so if you’re willing to help out, please contact us at or call the school at 204-661-1325.

It’s also time to start thinking about fundraising. This is an important way to get involved with making your child’s experience at Kidsplace the best it can be.

The majority of our funding is received through our tuition fees and the remaining is received through fundraising and a provincial grant, the amount of which varies from year to year. As a result of this fluctuating grant, we rely on our fundraising efforts as a key factor in the smooth operation of our school.

At registration, you gave us a $60 fundraising cheque, post-dated for the last month of the current school year. If, over the course of the school year, you raise more than $60 in profits for the school, the cheque will be returned to you. If the goal is partially met, the cheque will be cashed and any remaining balance will be returned to you by cheque.

(In lieu of fundraising activities, a cheque of one hundred ($100.00) can be made as a one-time donation to Kidsplace, and an income tax receipt will be provided.)

And now for the great fundraising activities we have planned for 2012-2013!

First up is Epicure, followed by Mom’s Pantry orders in October (tell your family and friends!). Chocolate bar sales and a raffle will take place around Christmas. The spring brings us our annual Glenlea Greenhouses plant sale. Orders will be placed in early spring with delivery scheduled for May 25, 2013.

Watch for more information on all of these great opportunities!

We’re always on the lookout for more ideas…what fundraising ideas do YOU have? Let us know in the comments section!

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First Week of School Reminders

It’s almost here! The first week of school is just around the corner! Here are a few important reminders to keeping those first few days running smoothly.

First week of classes:

Our first week of classes are one hour in length to help the children adjust to coming to school for the first time or after summer break.  Due to the short duration of class we will not be having snacks or going outside.

Tues/Thurs AM class – Sept 4th & 6th   9:45-10:45am
Tues/Thurs PM class – Sept 4th & 6th    12:50 – 1:50pm
M/W/F AM class       – Sept 5th & 7th    9:45-10:45am

What to bring to nursery school:

Indoor shoes (comfortable, easy on, non-marking, to be left at school in shoe cubbies)

Snack (except for first week) – peanut/nut free, one or two healthy choices and a small drink (juice, milk, water). Please remember that it is a snack to help hold the child over until their next meal.

Backpack (to carry home art/crafts completed at school)

Change of clothes (just in case!) (should be kept in backpack as we do not have room to store it at school)

Paper Towel – we are asking that each child bring one roll of paper towel and a box of kleenex to help with our supplies.  To assist us with storage we are assigning each class a specific time to bring in their Kleenex and paper towel.

M/W/F class – September
T/TH AM class- January
T/TH PM class –April

That’s it for now! You can expect the September newsletter and calendar to be emailed to you soon (paper copies will be available at school as well). Please feel free to be in touch with any questions that may arise.

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School Days, School Days!

Mark your calendars for the Kidsplace Nursery School Open House!

The first day of school is just around the corner! Is your little one raring to attend just like big sister or brother? Or maybe he or she is the first one out of the nest, trying those little wings for the first time.

A great way to find out if your child is ready for school…and if YOU are…is to attend our annual Summer Open House. Visit with our teachers, see the classroom, play with the toys (okay, that’s for the kids!), get a registration form and find out why Kidsplace is a great place to start your child’s educational journey.

Don’t miss out! The Open House runs Monday, August 27, 10 a.m. – Noon, at 245 Sutton Avenue. Park in the lot behind Calvin Christian School, or on Sutton Avenue, and follow the bright yellow sun signs.

Can’t make it? Call us at 204-661-1325, or check out this website for lots of great information.

See you there!