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Mom’s Pantry Reminder


Don’t forget! Mom’s Pantry orders are due this week! Orders must be in no later than October 28/29. Late orders cannot be accepted. Please ensure cheques are made out to Kidsplace Nursery School.

More order forms are available on the Mom’s Pantry website ( The delivery and pick up date will be announced soon!

And don’t forget about our fundraising incentives:

Classroom Prizes: The top fundraiser in each of our three classes per semester (Sept-Dec; Jan-May) will receive a gift from Scholastic Canada.

Overall Prize: The top overall fundraiser (all classes combined) in each semester (Sept-Dec; Jan-May) will receive a movie theatre gift card (admission for two).

Thank you and have a fun and safe Halloween!

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Say Cheese! Picture Day is Coming! And more…


A friendly reminder that school pictures will be taken this week October 20 (M/W/F class) and October 21 (T/TH classes). More information about package options and purchasing will be sent home with your photo proofs.

Need some tips for a successful preschool picture day? Check out this great link

Get Ready to Party!

Our first school party is fast approaching! The T/TH class will have their Halloween party October 30, while the M/W/F classes will have theirs October 31.

Children are welcome to dress up in their costumes (no scary costumes or toy weapons such as knives, guns, swords, etc) that day. There are sign-up sheets inside the classroom if you would like to bring treats or help out with the party.

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Peak Of The Market Fundraiser!

farm2school-logoNow that the temperature is starting to drop, it’s natural to start thinking about Thanksgiving, Halloween, and many other exciting events!

With Thanksgiving in mind, our first fundraiser, Peak of the Market’s Farm 2 School program, has officially launched! Half of all proceeds will go directly to Kidsplace. Time to stock up on carrots, onions, potatoes, cabbage, and parsnips. Isn’t it great to have a healthy fundraiser!

Orders must be in no later than September 25/26. Cash or cheques payable to Kidsplace Nursery School are accepted. Pick-up will take place October 7. Further details will be announced soon.

For updates on all of our fundraising initiatives, please check out our fundraising page. You can access it in the menu above, or by clicking HERE.

Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

Thanks For the Small Things! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

Catching Leaves (Kelly Rempel Photo)
Catching Leaves (Kelly Rempel Photo)

This coming week (October 7 – 11) at Kidsplace we’ll be learning all about Fall and Thanksgiving! Even those falling leaves and cooler days can make us thankful when we see what joy the season brings to the small people living in our homes!

Please have your child collect some leaves to bring to class next week as we explore our “Fall” theme. The leaves will be used in crafts and at our sensory table.

For more about our upcoming themes, some great fundraising news, and information about Picture Day and our Halloween Parties, keep on reading …

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Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

Arts, Crafts and Veggies! {Kidplace Featured Friday}

The weather has taken a nippy turn, fall must be here for good! It might be gray and drab outside, but check out these bright, leafy masterpieces from the resident artists at Kidsplace! Can your little one pick out the leaf he or she made?

This coming week (Oct. 22-26) we focus on part two of our “Fall” theme, so watch for more fun projects to come!


Our Peak of the Market fundraiser ends this week, on Tuesday, October 23, 4 p.m. You must have your orders in by that time for them to be processed. No late orders will be accepted.

We need a group of volunteers to help us unload the veggies when they arrive at the school on November 6, after 5 p.m. For more details or to volunteer, please email Angeline at

Picture Day is also this week! The Monday/Wednesday/Friday class will have their photos taken October 22, and the Tuesday/Thursday class on October 23. Please see your teachers for specific details.

Coming up soon…Halloween! The Tuesday/Thursday class will have its Halloween party October 30, while the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class will have its party on October 31. Children are welcome to dress up, but please no scary costumes or costumes that include toy weapons (eg. swords, guns, etc.)

And a little further into the future…mark your calendars for our Annual General Meeting in the library at Calvin Christian School (same building as Kidsplace), November 14, 7:30 p.m. It’s a great place to meet the teachers and board and find out what’s happening at your school!

What was your favourite Halloween costume? Share your answer here and inspire those of us who are still trying to think of one!

Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

Celebrate Fall! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}


This week (Oct. 15 – 19) our theme is all about “Fall“…those pretty leaves, the crisp days, the layers of clothing (okay, we won’t dwell on that one!). If you’ve collected those lovely leaves, now is the time to bring them in for a craft project and our sensory table!

In the meantime, check out this fun craft, and this one!


My bad…the date for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday Halloween party was wrong on the calendar (but correct in the newsletter)! The dates for the Halloween parties are as follows:

T/TH: October 30
M/W/F: October 31


Kidsplace’s first fundraiser of the year, “Farm to School” from Peak of the Market is in full swing!

Students (and their families!) are selling bundles of Manitoba-grown veggies for $10 or $20 a bundle and HALF the money collected comes back to the school!

Check out the fundraising information PDF HERE. Everyone should have received their fundraising packages, but if you don’t have yours, please talk to your teacher.

Remember…this fundraiser end at 4 p.m. sharp on October 23. No late orders will be accepted. And, in order for all of these veggie requests to be submitted, we need at least FIVE volunteers to help sort and bag the veggies when they arrive (likely an evening). Unfortunately, if we don’t get enough volunteers, the fundraiser could be cancelled…and you don’t want to have done all that work for nothing, right? 🙂
Email Angeline ( if you can help!

What are some of your favourite fall activities to do with preschoolers? Share your response in the comments section below…we’d love to hear from you!

Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

Giving Thanks (Kidsplace Featured Friday)

photo by Kelly Rempel

Golden Snow

“It’s snowing leaves!” I heard the comment today when the beautiful golden leaves were showering down around the kids and us. A perfect fall day, and just the type of weather to inspire some genuine feelings of thankfulness!

This week (October 1-5) our theme will be Thanksgiving. Our classes will be looking at what Thanksgiving means and the traditions that we have. And as part of our fall activities, please start collecting some of those gorgeous leaves…a fall craft will be coming up in a couple of weeks!

Don’t forget…the school will be closed for Thanksgiving Monday, October 8.

Volunteers Needed!

All parents should have signed up for mini-jobs by now, but if you haven’t, please check with Ms. Lori or Ms. Sherry to see what’s still needed. Some of the jobs include laundry, making playdoh and helping clean toys. Kidsplace is a co-op, and as such parents are needed to help fill these vital roles. If we don’t get enough volunteers, teachers will need to assign the jobs. (Really, it’s more fun to pick your own! :))

Bundle Up!

With the cooler weather upon us, please make sure that hats, gloves, etc. are labeled with your child’s name and placed in their jackets or bags. This will make going outside much easier.

Fundraiser Update

Our Peak of the Market fundraiser starts this week! Keep an eye out for information being handed out on Monday and Tuesday. Volunteers will be needed to help sort the vegetables when they arrive. More information coming soon!

What special activities does your family do to celebrate Thanksgiving? Leave your answer in the comment section below!