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First Week of School Reminders

It’s almost here! The first week of school is just around the corner! Here are a few important reminders to keeping those first few days running smoothly.

First week of classes:

Our first week of classes are one hour in length to help the children adjust to coming to school for the first time or after summer break.  Due to the short duration of class we will not be having snacks or going outside.

Tues/Thurs AM class – Sept 4th & 6th   9:45-10:45am
Tues/Thurs PM class – Sept 4th & 6th    12:50 – 1:50pm
M/W/F AM class       – Sept 5th & 7th    9:45-10:45am

What to bring to nursery school:

Indoor shoes (comfortable, easy on, non-marking, to be left at school in shoe cubbies)

Snack (except for first week) – peanut/nut free, one or two healthy choices and a small drink (juice, milk, water). Please remember that it is a snack to help hold the child over until their next meal.

Backpack (to carry home art/crafts completed at school)

Change of clothes (just in case!) (should be kept in backpack as we do not have room to store it at school)

Paper Towel – we are asking that each child bring one roll of paper towel and a box of kleenex to help with our supplies.  To assist us with storage we are assigning each class a specific time to bring in their Kleenex and paper towel.

M/W/F class – September
T/TH AM class- January
T/TH PM class –April

That’s it for now! You can expect the September newsletter and calendar to be emailed to you soon (paper copies will be available at school as well). Please feel free to be in touch with any questions that may arise.


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