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Brush Your Teeth! Wash Your Hands!

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween! A big thank you to everyone who helped out with our Halloween parties, and made some fantastic treats to share.

Our clever teachers at Kidsplace chose a great theme for the next two weeks! Dental Health & Hygiene! Very fitting for right after Halloween.

As soon as we can, we will provide details about our Mom’s Pantry fundraiser, let you know the grand total raised, the pick up date, and the winners of our fundraising prizes for the first part of the school year. Thank you for your support.

A few friendly reminders:

  • November 6/7: School picture orders are due
  • November 11 – School closed for Remembrance Day
  • November 13/14 – Scholastic book orders are due
  • November 17 at 7pm – Annual General Meeting in the Calvin School library. Please attend to learn more about the school, meet the teachers and the board members.
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Trick or Treat! {Kidplace Featured Friday}


It’s here…the dentists’ favourite week of the year! Kids might be dreaming about all that candy, but you can bet more than a few parents are scheming how to reduce some of that Halloween sugar intake. Some trade toys for treats. Some chocolate just magically makes its way to Mom’s late night snack jar…

Kidsplace is gearing up for its second week (Oct. 28 – Nov 1) of the Halloween theme and we have some fun activities planned. You know the drill…read on to find out all the (not so) spooky details!

Click right here for more info on what’s happening at Kidsplace this week!

Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

Happy Halloween – Almost! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

kid in pumpkin patch

Have you got yours yet? Pumpkin, that is! We ate them last weekend…now we get to decorate them for Halloween! This trick or treaty time of year will be our Kidsplace theme for the next two weeks (Oct. 21 – Nov 1), finishing off with our annual Halloween Party! For more details about this, school pictures and more, read on… (There’s some VERY interesting news regarding fundraising too, and it has something to do with PRIZES!)

Click right here to read on!

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Help, Help! And Halloween {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

{Yep, I know it’s not Friday…computer troubles prevented the post from going out yesterday! Here goes…}

Help! Help!

Been working out lately? No? Me neither! 🙂 But we still need YOUR help! Our Peak of the Market veggies are arriving at the school between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. on November 6 and we need a strong bunch of parent volunteers on hand to help unload the truck! Apparently the veggie bundles are weighty, so be prepared to do some lifting (or bring along someone who can! A great way for dads to be involved!) Can’t lift? Then come help sort! It will only take a little while if everyone lends a hand!

If you can help, or have questions, contact one of the teachers, or Angeline, our fundraising coordinator, at! THANK YOU so much for helping out!

Halloween Week!

Our theme this week (October 29-November 2) is Halloween, which means it’s time for your little ones to show off their cute costumes! The Kidsplace Halloween parties take place this coming week, with the Tuesday/Thursday class celebrating on Tuesday, October 30, and the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class celebrating on Wednesday, October 31! {Please remember~no scary costumes or toy weapons (guns, knives, swords, etc) of any kind!}

Need some fun Halloween ideas? Check out this blog completely dedicated to everything Halloween!

Annual General Meeting Reminder

Don’t forget! Our Annual General Meeting is coming up on November 14, 7 p.m. in the library at Calvin Christian School (same building as Kidsplace). This is a great way to find out the newest happenings at your school, meet the board and ask questions!

What’s the best treat to give out on October 31?
(And what do you keep for yourself? :))

Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

Arts, Crafts and Veggies! {Kidplace Featured Friday}

The weather has taken a nippy turn, fall must be here for good! It might be gray and drab outside, but check out these bright, leafy masterpieces from the resident artists at Kidsplace! Can your little one pick out the leaf he or she made?

This coming week (Oct. 22-26) we focus on part two of our “Fall” theme, so watch for more fun projects to come!


Our Peak of the Market fundraiser ends this week, on Tuesday, October 23, 4 p.m. You must have your orders in by that time for them to be processed. No late orders will be accepted.

We need a group of volunteers to help us unload the veggies when they arrive at the school on November 6, after 5 p.m. For more details or to volunteer, please email Angeline at

Picture Day is also this week! The Monday/Wednesday/Friday class will have their photos taken October 22, and the Tuesday/Thursday class on October 23. Please see your teachers for specific details.

Coming up soon…Halloween! The Tuesday/Thursday class will have its Halloween party October 30, while the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class will have its party on October 31. Children are welcome to dress up, but please no scary costumes or costumes that include toy weapons (eg. swords, guns, etc.)

And a little further into the future…mark your calendars for our Annual General Meeting in the library at Calvin Christian School (same building as Kidsplace), November 14, 7:30 p.m. It’s a great place to meet the teachers and board and find out what’s happening at your school!

What was your favourite Halloween costume? Share your answer here and inspire those of us who are still trying to think of one!

Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

Celebrate Fall! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}


This week (Oct. 15 – 19) our theme is all about “Fall“…those pretty leaves, the crisp days, the layers of clothing (okay, we won’t dwell on that one!). If you’ve collected those lovely leaves, now is the time to bring them in for a craft project and our sensory table!

In the meantime, check out this fun craft, and this one!


My bad…the date for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday Halloween party was wrong on the calendar (but correct in the newsletter)! The dates for the Halloween parties are as follows:

T/TH: October 30
M/W/F: October 31


Kidsplace’s first fundraiser of the year, “Farm to School” from Peak of the Market is in full swing!

Students (and their families!) are selling bundles of Manitoba-grown veggies for $10 or $20 a bundle and HALF the money collected comes back to the school!

Check out the fundraising information PDF HERE. Everyone should have received their fundraising packages, but if you don’t have yours, please talk to your teacher.

Remember…this fundraiser end at 4 p.m. sharp on October 23. No late orders will be accepted. And, in order for all of these veggie requests to be submitted, we need at least FIVE volunteers to help sort and bag the veggies when they arrive (likely an evening). Unfortunately, if we don’t get enough volunteers, the fundraiser could be cancelled…and you don’t want to have done all that work for nothing, right? 🙂
Email Angeline ( if you can help!

What are some of your favourite fall activities to do with preschoolers? Share your response in the comments section below…we’d love to hear from you!