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Planes, Trains and Mom’s Pantry {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

“Toot, toot, chugga, chugga, Big Red Carrrrr…” (C’mon, you know the words…sing along!) This little ditty has been on the (ultra)request list this week at our house. Kids love to move, and when there’s wheels, wings or engines of any sort involved, even better!

So it’s most likely that our little ones are going to have lots of fun this week (November 19-23) at Kidsplace, as we enjoy our “Transportation” theme!

Speaking of transportation…thank you to everyone who came to help unload the Peak of the Market truck a couple of weeks ago! It was very appreciated! Missed out on that one? No problem! We’ll have more unloading and sorting to do when our Mom’s Pantry orders arrive in mid-December (watch for the dates coming soon…likely Dec. 13 or 18, 5:30 p.m.)

Mom’s Pantry is an excellent holiday fundraiser and will be starting this week! Order forms will be available on Monday and Wednesday and closes at 4 p.m. December 4. No late orders will be accepted. An even easier option? You can order online! Just visit www.momspantry.ca, create an account, and then go to “fundraising.” Our group order number is 93819 and the pass code is 26781.

Book Orders Due Soon!

Our order deadline for the December Scholastic catalogues is fast approaching. To order those books for in time for Christmas giving, please have your orders and cheques (made out to Scholastic Canada) in to your teacher no later than November 28. Remember…Kidsplace earns credits from these orders to buy new classroom books and materials!

Save the Date!

The annual Kidsplace Christmas program and party will be coming soon! Mark December 20 (T/TH classes) and December 21 (M/W/F class) on your calendar! The program will take place in the classroom during regular class hours. There is very limited seating, so immediate family only, please!

Couple O’Reminders

We’re still going outside while the weather is nice, so be sure your child brings a winter jacket, snowpants, mitts and hat to school! Practice putting these on at home to help make getting dressed at school a snap!

And finally…we need paper towels! This is one of those supplies that we use A LOT at Kidsplace, and to help keep our budget costs down, we’ve asked each family to bring in a roll or two. If you could help in this way, that would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great week!


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