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Building the Future {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

My brothers and I loved to visit certain friends every Christmas. They had a big box of Lego, with wheels and doors and windows that we could dump on their rug and build with to our hearts content. Kept us busy for hours. One of my brothers went on to become a major Lego builder (and a real-life journeyman carpenter).

This Christmas we wanted to give our kids a starter Lego set. But do you know how hard it is to find regular Lego building bricks now? Nigh to impossible.

Toy stores have WALLS dedicated to every Lego set you can possibly imagine (including The Hobbit!) but nary a decent starter set in sight. Finally found  one at Kite and Kaboodle at The Forks. The sales guy told me it’s not a big seller. A sad commentary.

So, that little rant just to announce…it’s CONSTRUCTION week (Nov. 26-30) at Kidsplace! 🙂 Lego aside, there’s lots of great ways for kids to learn about how things work and the people who build them!

Mom’s Pantry Update

My bad…I wrote the wrong info here last week for the potential pick-up dates for Mom’s Pantry. Orders will be arriving either December 13 or December 18. We will need volunteers to help with sorting at 5:30 p.m. on one of those days. Watch for more information or contact Angeline at byczekfamily@gmail.com if you can help!

And remember: you can order online! Just visit www.momspantry.ca, create an account, and then go to “fundraising.” Our group order number is 93819 and the pass code is 26781.

Book Orders Due Soon!

Our order deadline for the December Scholastic catalogues is this week! To order those books for in time for Christmas giving, please have your orders and cheques (made out to Scholastic Canada) in to your teacher no later than November 28. Remember…Kidsplace earns credits from these orders to buy new classroom books and materials!

Save the Date!

The annual Kidsplace Christmas program and party will be coming soon! Mark December 20 (T/TH classes) and December 21 (M/W/F class) on your calendar! The program will take place in the classroom during regular class hours. There is very limited seating, so immediate family only, please.


We’re still going outside while the weather is nice, so be sure your child brings a winter jacket, snowpants, mitts and hat to school! Practice putting these on at home to help make getting dressed at school a snap!

Have a great week!


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