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Out of This World! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}


Today’s the day! Our Mom’s Pantry items will be ready for pick up at Jolene Proslowski’s home (43 Edelweiss Crescent – check out the map at the end of this post!) between 12 noon and 6 p.m. If you’re in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday class, it’s even easier! You can pick up your goodies from Jodie McRae at the end of class today! Thanks Jolene and Jodie! 🙂

For more on what’s happening at Kidsplace this coming week (it’s out of this world!), and some info on our upcoming Christmas program, read on!

This week (Nov. 25 – 29) at Kidsplace: SPACE! (The outer kind, not the kind that our kids seem to think we don’t need…haha!)

And a quick reminder: December Scholastic Book orders are due November 27.


imagesWinter has arrived, and that means (a lot of) extra clothes! Please be sure to label all of your child’s outerwear, and keep their mittens, hats, scarves, etc. in the sleeves of their jackets for easy access at school. As weather and time permits, we will be going outside. If you have a chance to help your child practice getting dressed in winter clothes at home, that helps when it comes to getting ready at school too! (Imagine getting 10 to 15 children ready to go outside…yikes! Teachers, we salute you! 🙂 )

And please remember to remove all boots and shoes (parents and siblings, too!) before coming down to drop off/pick up your children. This keeps the stairs and hallway free of water and mud for the other students using the area during the day. Thanks very much!


christmas-tree-pics-0111Mark your calendars…only a few weeks to go until our annual Christmas program! The kids are already hard at work practicing their songs. The Tuesday/Thursday programs will take place December 19 during regular class time, and the Monday/Wednesday/Friday program will take place December 20 during regular class time.

Our Christmas program is quite low key. It is held in our classroom (with a bit of furniture rearranging!) during regular class time. We do welcome immediate family to attend, however, due to our limited space, we can’t accommodate a lot of extra people. We will have some Christmas treats following the presentation.


And, as promised, here’s how to get to Jolene’s from the school, to pick up your Mom’s Pantry orders! (Click on View Larger Map link under the image to get the full map.) Have a great week!


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