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And the Winners Are… {Kidsplace Featured Friday}


Ah, those weekends do tend to get away on me! But here we are with a slightly late, but very exciting, update from Kidsplace! Because today we get to announce the winners of our fall fundraising incentive prizes! (That huge thank you note above is for all of you for your awesome support of Kidsplace thus far!)

Read on to find out who won, and our theme for this week!


There will be no school Monday, November 11, due to Remembrance Day. For the rest of the week (Nov. 12-15) we will be learning all about SHAPES with Ms. Lori, Ms. Sherry and Ms. Adeline!

Don’t forget to join us this Wednesday, November 13, 7:30 p.m. in the Calvin Christian School library for our Annual General Meeting. We look forward to seeing many of you there!


Our recent Mom’s Pantry fundraiser was a rousing success! We raised a grand total of $1,115.69 in profits for Kidsplace! That puts our total fundraising to date at $2,475.69. Way to go!


A big congratulations to Madison Murray and her family for raising the highest overall profit for the fall semester! The Murrays will receive a Cineplex gift card for a night out at the movies!

The highest fundraisers in each class are as follows:

Easton Santos

Tuesday/Thursday A.M.:
Gavin Feelus

Tuesday/Thursday P.M.:
Hannah Penonzek

Easton, Gavin and Hannah will be receiving prizes from Scholastic Canada! Congratulations!


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