Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

Lovin’ Our Littles! {Kidsplace Featured Friday…er…Sunday}

{Many apologies for the delay on this update…one of those weeks!}


Love it or hate it (and we hope you love it!) Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We’re gearing up for some fun activities at Kidsplace, as our “Feelings and Friendship” theme continues this week (February 11-15)!

Have you remembered to bring an empty facial tissue box to school? These are being turned into cute holders for your child’s Valentine cards. If your child wishes to give out Valentine cards, please have him/her print his/her name in the “from” line and leave the “to” line blank. This makes passing out the cards fun and easy for everyone!

The M/W/F class will hold its Valentine’s Day party on February 13, while the T/TH classes will hold their parties on February 14.

And because we love having your kids in our classes, here are some fun Valentine-themed links to check out this week! Shaving Cream Cards, White Chocolate Valentine Popcorn, Brown Paper Valentines, Valentine Snack Mix, a list of love-themed kids’ books and some ideas for homemade cards. Just click on the photos!







Show and Tell takes place next week. Please refer to the calendar (click HERE for the PDF)or ask your teacher for your child’s day.

There will be no school next Monday, February 18.

If you have a student in the Tuesday/Thursday A.M. class, please remember to bring a roll of paper towels to school. (And if you have already done so, thank you!) The afternoon class will be asked to bring paper towels after the March break.

Please be sure to use only the Kidsplace doors when entering and exiting the school to drop off or pick up  your child (even if you have other children attending Calvin). This is for reasons of safety for the other children at Calvin Christian School and to ensure we are not disrupting their classes. Thanks for your attention to this matter!


We have added a new fundraising page to our website. You can click on the link in the menu above, or HERE. You will find information on this page about our upcoming Glenlea Greenhouses fundraiser, as well as information about our second spring fundraiser as soon as that information is available.


Kidsplace sun onlyComing up in March…our annual Open House! This event will take place March 5, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the school. Do you have friends or relatives who might be interested in Kidsplace? This is a great way for them to check out the classroom, meet the teachers, and sign-up for next year! Pre-registration for returning students will open in mid-February.


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