Featured Friday, Nursery School Open House

Sing It Loud! (Is there any other way?) {Kidsplace Featured Friday}


Just a quick update this week!

Our theme of the week (January 27 – 31) is “The Music in Me,” always a fun unit for our budding stars! Perhaps we should all pitch in for some earplugs for the teachers? 🙂

And a couple of reminders:

Students in Ms. Lori’s class are asked to bring a cardboard paper towel tube to class this week for a special project.

And if your child is in the Tuesday/Thursday morning class and you haven’t brought your (full!) roll of paper towels to school, please do that soon, as we do go through those at a rapid pace!

Mark your calendars! Our Spring Open House is coming up soon! It will be held Monday, March 3, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the school. This is a great chance for your friends and family to meet the teachers, check out the school for themselves and register for next year! Please spread the word!


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