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Scrub-A-Dub-Dub and Other Good Ideas {Kidsplace Featured Friday}


Happy new year! It’s great to be back into the swing of things at Kidsplace. We have lots of exciting things coming up in the next several weeks, including show and tell, Valentine’s parties, field trips, our spring open house and a couple of great fundraisers! More details on all of that will be coming soon!

But first to the theme for this week (January 20 – 24): Taking Care of Our Bodies! Read on!

That’s right, this week our kids will be talking about some important skills (anybody else struggle through little issues like brush your teeth, eat your vegetables, don’t eat paint, wash your face, get dressed, use a tissue not your sleeve, please don’t sneeze AT ME! ?). It’s a big learning curve for our little guys, but our teachers are up to the task!

And along those lines…don’t forget if you’re in the Tuesday/Thursday morning class, it’s your turn to bring in some rolls of paper towels for us to use in class. We go through a lot.

show-and-tellThis week is also our first try at Show and Tell! Teachers have sent out notes detailing which group your child is in. Information about each group’s particular day is on the January calendar. (Click HERE if you don’t have the calendar.) Please encourage your child to think of three things to share with the class about his or her item.


It is a privilege for us to share space with Calvin Christian School and we are thankful to have a very good relationship with them. Please remember to exercise respect and consideration, particularly during drop-off and pick-up times. Please do not allow younger siblings or Kidsplace students to run and play or use loud voices in the hallways as classes are in session. We greatly appreciate your attention to waiting quietly on the bench for the teachers to open the doors. Thank you!


Thank you to everyone for a great response to our fall fundraisers. We have two more to go for the spring, and once again we’ll be offering some incentives for those raising the most money!

movie-nightClassroom Prizes: The top fundraiser in each of our three classes this semester (Jan-May) will receive a gift from Scholastic Canada.

Overall Prize: The top overall fundraiser (all classes combined) in this semester (Jan-May) will receive a movie theatre gift card (admission for two).

And with that in mind, our first fundraiser includes delicious meats (and a selection of Bothwell Cheeses) from Winnipeg Old Country Sausage! Keep a close eye out for more information coming at the end of January!

Our final event of the year will be our popular Glenlea Greenhouses fundraiser! It’s a little hard to think about gardening with all of that white stuff on the ground, but if you want a sneak peek at their offerings for 2014, you can view their catalogue by clicking on this LINK. More information will be sent home in the coming weeks…but mark your calendars, pick up is already scheduled for Saturday, May 24!


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