Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

Heyyyyy, Mud Pudddddle! {Kidsplace Featured Friday)

kids-rubber-bootsYeah…that’s a lot of rubber boots. Obviously not a pic from Kidsplace! Can you imagine?! However, as we all know, it only takes a small fraction of that number of boots and shoes to make a HUGE mess. It’s spring (well…it’s trying hard) and that means lots of mud and water that can be tracked inside.

So, we humbly request that ALL students and ALL parents and ALL caregivers AND all grandmas and ALL grandpas and ALL siblings (getting the idea here?) remove ALL footwear at the top of the Kidsplace stairs before coming down for drop off or pick up. (We would do the same at your house!) Keeping our area of the school clean (the stairs and hall!) is part of our agreement with Calvin, and really…who likes wet socks?

And to say thank you for your attention to this matter of wet footwear…here’s a link to the great Robert Munsch reading his very first published book, aptly titled Mud Puddle. It was inspired by  his time working at a nursery school during a very wet spring. Sounds familiar, eh?

MUD PUDDLE by Robert Munsch

And now…on to our theme of the week (April 8-12)…Animals! There will be lots of fun activities involving our furry and feathered friends during this unit, and perhaps even a surprise visit or two!


Speaking of animals…mark your calendars now for our annual trip to Boonstra Farms! These trips will take place on Monday, May 27 for the M/W/F class and Tuesday, May 28 for the T/TH class (a.m. and p.m. classes combined). This is an extended day for our classes as the tour runs from about 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. We will be looking into arranging a school bus to transport us to and from the farm. A parent or guardian must attend this field trip with each child. Please think ahead to make arrangements for any other little ones you have at home as we cannot accommodate siblings on this trip.

firetruckWe also have our field trip to the fire hall coming up at the end of April! Ms. Lori and Ms. Sherry will have more information for you soon – the trips will take place April 25 and 26 at the station near McIvor and Rothesay.

And finally…don’t forget to spread the word about Kidsplace! We are now open for registration for the fall and there is currently still space in all our classes! Call the school for more information and feel free to direct your friends and family to our website!


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