Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

Bears and Penguins and Foxes, Oh My! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

{photo from Wikimedia Commons}
{photo from Wikimedia Commons}

That’s right, this week (Jan. 21-25) our theme at Kidsplace is Polar Animals!

Check out some “cool” Arctic and Antarctic facts at Canadian Geographic Kids or some amazing animals as they change colour for the winter season at National Geographic Kids. See Polar Bears galore at Polar Bears International and should you ever want to visit them yourself…check out Canada Polar Bears.com. And just because they’re funny (even if they aren’t too “arctic”) some Penguins of Madagascar games!


The first Scholastic Book Order of the new year is due Monday, January 21.

Show and Tell! Monday/Wednesday/Friday class will be showing and telling on January 21, 23, and 25 and the Tuesday/Thursday class will show and tell on January 22 and 24.

Sign up for fall! It’s almost that time of year again! If you plan on returning to Kidsplace this fall, or have younger children who will be attending for the first time, early registration will be opening in February, with general registration opening March 5.


Have you ever considered volunteering at Kidsplace? We love to have parents come in to help out during class time (especially in our larger classes!) If you would like to volunteer, please talk to Ms. Lori or Ms. Sherry.

We also still need to fill two important positions on our board: fundraising coordinator and member-at-large. A brief run-down: the fundraising person helps coordinate fundraising, managing orders and organizing volunteers, and the member-at-large helps contact alumni who may have returning students or younger children that could come to Kidsplace next year. Can you help? Give us a call or talk to the teachers!


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