Kidsplace Nursery School

News and Reminders!

2015 jan open houseIt’s been a busy week at Kidsplace. We hope everyone had a great time at our Valentine’s Day parties!

We are happy to report that our latest fundraiser, Pizza Hotline, raised just over $700 for the school! Great work everyone.

Our next fundraiser will be with Glenlea Greenhouse. You can check out their website at to start dreaming of your selections… Information will be sent home, just as soon as we have it!

Here are some important dates for you to keep in mind:

  • Monday, February 16 – Louis Riel Day (no classes)
  • The week of February 23 is a new round of Show & Tell. Consult the February 2015 Calendar for your child’s day
  • Tuesday, March 10 is our Open House. Start spreading the word to friends and family

Enjoy the long weekend everyone. There are some great events happening in our city this weekend!


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