Kidsplace Nursery School

Mom’s Pantry Pick Up Information!

Our recent Mom’s Pantry fundraiser was a success! We raised a grand total of $848.33 in profits for Kidsplace! That puts our total fundraising to date at $1948.33!

Our Mom’s Pantry pick up date is this Wednesday, November 19!

Items will be ready for pick up at Jolene’s home (43 Edelweiss Crescent) between 3:00pm-5:00pm. If you’re in the M/W/F class, your order MAY be ready when you pick up your child on Wednesday, if not, please pick up at the designated place and time.

Lastly, teachers would like to remind parents to take off their boots/shoes at the top of the stairs to help avoid slips/falls, and to keep the school clean.

A big thank you to everyone for their fundraising support! Time to get cooking!



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