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The Veggies Are Coming! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

(Kelly Rempel photo)
(Kelly Rempel photo)

You made it! We hope you and your little one had a fantastic first week of school at Kidsplace!

Our September calendar and newsletter are now posted online for your convenience. Click HERE. Click on the “More Kidsplace Happenings!” link below for more announcements, a primer on why we fund-raise and some info on our first fundraiser of the year!

This week (Sept. 9-13) at Kidsplace: School Days Rules and Routines! It’s time to learn all about what we do (and don’t do) at school. But don’t worry…it’ll be lots of fun, too!

Please be sure to send a family photo to school with your child by Friday, September 13, for a special project the following week.

(morguefile.com photo)
(morguefile.com photo)


It’s also time to start thinking about fundraising. This is an important way to get involved with making your child’s experience at Kidsplace the best it can be.

The big question: when we pay tuition, why do we still have to fund-raise?

The short answer: because we try to Kidsplace as affordable as possible for our families, tuition alone doesn’t cover our costs. So rather than raising tuition, we ask everyone to chip in to help meet our needs.

The longer answer: The majority of our funding is received through our tuition fees and the remaining is received through fundraising and a provincial grant, the amount of which varies from year to year. As a result of this fluctuating grant, we rely on our fundraising efforts as a key factor in the smooth operation of our school. Fundraising helps pay operating costs (rent, utilities, etc) as well as helping us purchase new items for the school (like art and teaching supplies, furniture, bulletin boards, and other larger items).

How it works:

At registration, you gave us a $60 fundraising cheque, post-dated for the last month of the current school year. If, over the course of the school year, you raise more than $60 in profits for the school, the cheque will be returned to you. If the goal is partially met, the cheque will be cashed and any remaining balance will be returned to you by cheque.

What does “in profits” mean?

We get a percentage of the sales when we fund-raise. For example, XYZ Company will give us 20% of the total sales of their product. If you sell $50 of XYZ, the school gets $10. That $10 then counts toward your fundraising goal, a minimum of $60 in profits for the school. (There’s no maximum…the sky’s the limit!)

(In lieu of fundraising activities, a cheque of one hundred ($100.00) can be made as a one-time donation to Kidsplace, and an income tax receipt will be provided.)

PeakLogo_2 copyFirst up: Peak of the Market!

This week you will be receiving information on our very first fundraiser! Peak of the Market’s Farm 2 School Fundraiser offers some great deals on Manitoba-grown potatoes, carrots, onions and other vegetables just in time for Thanksgiving! Two bundled options are available and come in their own recyclable shopping bag!

Give your friends and family a heads up: the veggies are coming! And there’s a great profit margin on this fundraiser…HALF of every sale comes back to Kidsplace!

Watch for more information coming this week!

We’re always on the lookout for more ideas…what fundraising ideas do YOU have? Let us know in the comments section!


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