Featured Friday, Kidsplace Nursery School

And We’re Back! {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

Z and S sled for KP

Happy new year! That holiday break went quickly, didn’t it? Only a few more days and we’ll be getting back into the regular routine again. Don’t forget…school starts again on January 7, featuring our first theme of 2013, Fun in the Snow!

Coming up a bit later this month: Show and Tell! Watch this blog and the newsletter/announcements for more information on the dates.

Have you ever considered volunteering at Kidsplace? We love to have parents come in to help out during class time (especially in our larger classes!) If you would like to volunteer, please talk to Ms. Lori or Ms. Sherry.

And finally…the new year also brings with it the usual flu bugs and colds. If your child is not feeling well, please keep them home so they can rest. If your child has vomited within 24 hours before they are to come to school, or has had diarrhea, they should not attend nursery school. Children who are coughing or sneezing a lot, or have a consistently runny nose, should also stay home to avoid passing the illness on to other children.

Please remember to give us a quick call if your child will be absent, so we are not waiting for him or her and are able to keep track of any illnesses that need to be communicated to other parents or Public Health.


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