The Power of Vegetables {Kidsplace Featured Friday}

Mmmm, Veggies!

Our family tried growing carrots this summer. And then, something ate them. Those beautiful, bushy little carrot tops blowing in the wind were there one day and gone the next. We don’t know whether to blame bug or bunny.

Did you face similar garden woes this year? Don’t feel like pawing through the bins at the store? Still want some delicious veggies for the upcoming holiday season? Then Kidsplace’s first fundraiser of the year, Farm to School” from Peak of the Market is the perfect solution!

Students (and their families!) are selling bundles of Manitoba-grown veggies for $10 or $20 a bundle and HALF the money collected comes back to the school! Carrots, onions, potatoes, parsnips, cabbage…getting hungry yet?

Check out the fundraising information PDF HERE. Everyone should have received their fundraising packages last week, but if you don’t have yours, please talk to your teacher.

And because the folks at Peak of the Market are the fun-loving types, check out some fun links on THIS PAGE. (Just scroll down to find recipes, jokes, games and activities.)

Remember…this fundraiser end at 4 p.m. sharp on October 23. No late orders will be accepted. And, in order for all of these veggie requests to be submitted, we need at least FIVE volunteers to help sort and bag the veggies when they arrive (likely an evening). Email Angeline ( if you can help!

Red and Delicious!

Well, some are green too. And yellow. You get the idea! This week’s (October 9 – 12) theme is “Apples!” Your teacher will have information on what fun apple-related activities the kids will be doing this week!

Check out some fun apple activities, crafts and free printables at!

Newly Posted!

The October newsletter and calendar are now posted on our Newsletters and Calendars page for your viewing convenience!


Scholastic book orders are due on or before Wednesday, October 10. And remember…there will be no school, Monday, October 8. Happy Thanksgiving!


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